Half my Age Plus Seven - Too Good to be True? - Romance Novel by Cristina G.

As I wrote on the official page of my novel Half my Age Plus Seven, not many people know that this book has a sequel.

The first book - A Sinful Confession - was intended to stand alone as it has a proper ending.
Which means that anyone can read it without the need to read this book.

However, it would be a very good idea to give a canche to reading this second book too.
It is the opposite of the first.

Tara is still protagonist, but instead of Adrian there is Drefan - an ideal man.

The pages are filled with love, sacrifice and understanding. There are no fights, at least not among the two protagonists.
There is a lot suspense because my style is quite unique.

As Book 1 - A Sinful Confession, Book 2 - Too Good to be True - has an ending and it could mean that Tara's story has got to an end.

But, there is a Book 3 inside my head. It is clear and ready to be put down on paper.
Except for the fact that my first novel never reached the success I aimed for.

I have no one to blame for this but myself.

Half my Age Plus Seven is the novel that made me a registered author. 

Was the unsuccess a fair price? 
I don't know yet.

I didn't give a damn on becoming a registered author. I wanted my book to be loved as I love it.

It's an amazing story. Very deep and intense. Emotions and feeling at their best and worst.

Of course, emotions control our lives. They are very difficult to tame, that's why we don't like them very much.

Such a pity because the story it's really great. But only for soulful people who can appreciate the power of our souls on our minds.

If you read Book 1, please don't ignore the sequel.

As all my books, you can read it on Amazon in both elettronic (Kindle) and paperback formats.

Half my Age Plus Seven - A British Romance or A Sinful Confession

This was my first novel to be published. With this title I became a registered author.

I've written it in a few months, than I spent a year and a half correcting and editing it.

I craved for perfection with it.
I wanted it so badly to be successful as the story meant the world to me.
That's why I hired someone to help me achieve that.

Have I got what I hoped for? 
  • Not really. 
  • No. 
  • Not even close, to be honest. 
I won't get into details. I won't blame anyone and anything but myself for this.

I believe that this story is a real catch.
But I am humble enough to realise that it's not for everyone.

The story is intense and powerful. It's filled with strong emotions.
It shows to fears, the struggles, the frustrations of a woman like you and I.

Both protagonists are regular people, but there is nothing regular between their relationship.

As you know, emotions are not very popular. At least not among romance books readers.
When you buy a romance book, you expect to find a typical love story with ups and downs.
You kinda know what's going to happen next.
She might leave him for another guy, or vice versa. Or they could end up living happily ever after.

This book is everything but that. It's unique in its genre. And I am convinced it deserves to be successful.

But how can something so difficult to understand and control - emotions - could ever find a large readership? 

Only the soulful can appreciate the value of this story.

A Sinful Confession is the Book One. 
Too Good to be True is Book Two. 

I was supposed to write a third book, but nothing went as I hoped with this novel. There is no reason to keep writing something that many readers struggle to appreciate.

It might have been better to publish it under Non Fiction, Spirituality, Self-Help, Personal Development, etc.

As this is a book that aimed to help people to cope with emotions that are bigger than them.
Well, I learned a big lesson. And I paid a huge price for it. Was it worth it? Absolutely. 

Anyway this book can be read on itself. It was intended this way from the start. 

Book Two - Too Good to be True - has to be read after this and it was not intended to be depended on the Third book that will might get out one day. Just not soon.

If you are interested to read it, you can find it in both kindle and paperback format on Amazon.com.

Humans Cursed by Geography in the Pursuit of Happiness by Cristina G.

This book was requested by some people who appreciate my work and it gathers the previous two memoirs:

  • Oranges at Christmas in a Communist Country
  • Ten Years in Italy, Three Weeks a Human

Is, therefore, a memoir.
  • The first part is set up in Romania during a very oppressive communist regime. Ceausescu's Golden Epoch.
  • The second part is set up in Italy - one of the most beautiful countries in the whole world. 

True facts of a story of survival in progress. 
A highly inspirational and motivational book. 

It's a must-read for people who don't know what being racist feels like.

Read more on Amazon.

Humans Cursed by Geography - A Memoir by Cristina G.