Racism Without Racists - What do You Know about Immigration?

True to fact stories.
Discrimination and Abuse.
A story of survival.

I am an immigrant, like you maybe, and this is my truth about immigration. A true story. A story of many... Too many. Is it yours too? 
You too are a prisoner of geography who lives in a world of racism without racists?
If the answer is Yes, my heart goes out to you.
This motivational and inspirational memoir is for YOU! 
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Discrimination, prejudice, exploitation, and abuse are what I know best. For the world, I am a human of inferior birth, but I know that is not true.
I don’t want to take anything from you. I just want what’s mine by birthright. I deserve to be considered human. A human like you.

This true story of survival is a work in progress.

17 years ago, after living under a very oppressive communist regime, I left my homeland for the first time.
I didn’t want to abandon my parents and the only reality I knew.

I cried in despair thinking I will never go back. I hated my destiny... my siblings’ destinies. None of us wanted to leave.

I know I am one of the lucky ones. I didn’t cross oceans and seas in shipwrecks.
I didn’t walk for thousands of kilometres as some of the people I know.
I didn’t live in barracks and ate from a trash bin.
My heart goes out to all these humans who went through unthinkable situations in the pursuit of happiness.

I have been treated in diverse ways during these years, but seldom fairly.

For many, too many, I am a human of inferior birth, not worthy of consideration.
  • I have no country now. No identity.
  • I feel like I don’t belong anywhere.
  • I feel like the world doesn’t want me. 
I haven’t seen my eight (remaining) siblings all together in seventeen years.
I know that only a tragedy will reunite us. But I don’t want that tragedy. I want to hug my siblings and have lunch with them. And I want to visit my dearest’s brother tomb and leave a flower on it to make him realise we haven’t forgotten him. He will live in our hearts forever. 

The UK, the country I love very much, has voted "Leave." 
  • Should I pack my bags?
  • Should I give up my dream?
  • Nobody wants Romanians. Is there anywhere I could go?
  • How am I going to provide for my octogenarian parents who survived the Second World War and raised ten children under an oppressive communist regime?
  • Is it really true that this world is not for people like me?
  • What should I do?
  • What can I do?
  • What would You do if you were me?
  • Would you dare to ask for your human and civil rights?
  • Would you cry and feel alone in the whole universe?

I hope you’ll never have to find out. 

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Author for Life or for a Living? - A Self-help Manifesto for Writers & Poets

I don't know you, but I find it very difficult to be a writer at this time. 
It's daunting, depressing and very frustrating. 

Why do you write? 
  • Is it for money? 
  • Vanity? 
  • A sense of accomplishment?
  • Is it a test?
Whatever your reason is, you have the right to fight for your dream. 
This self-help book is for YOU! 
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Being an author has always been your dream, but everybody told you’re insane, right?
I know the feeling. 
The competition is ferocious, the readers are the leaders. It’s a grim time to be an author, but it’s also the perfect time.
I am here to tell that your dream is possible… if you work hard and never give up.
  • Faith is what you need first.
  • Self-esteem is second.
  • Self-confidence comes with knowledge.
To build these, you need time, determination, and self-discipline.

You can be whatever you want to be.

Perhaps you already are a storyteller.
  • Have you written anything yet?
  • How many books have you published?
  • Are they popular or nobody knows about them?
  • Have you already given up or are you close to failing into misery?
Been there, done that. This book is for you. 

For a person with a huge dream, like you and me, there is no writer’s block. For us, there is fatigue, frustration, hopefulness & disappointment.
  • Cry if you must.
  • Scream if you feel the need. 
  • Then take a deep breath and start over. Again, and again and again.

It’s not over until you get where you crave to be. 

The genre you chose is not that important because there is a market for every bookevery story, and every author

  • Learn from those who have the experience. Nothing is too small or too big. 
  • Motivation and inspiration are very easy to find. 
  • Time is not a boomerang, waste it wisely. The only moment you’ve got is Now
  • Don’t build your fame destroying others. Another author is not an enemy. He is a dreamer just like you. 
  • Be truthful to your human essence. Follow the Golden Rulerecognise, appreciate, and respect. 
Make no mistake, the universe will return what you give. 

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God is Weary - Short Tragic and Witty Stories

This is a collection of short and not-so-short witty and tragic stories. 
The common denominator is the relationship between family members, especially between parents and children. 
Stories of emotional and physical abuse that make you cringe and cry.
Only for soulful. 
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God sighs and says to Peter, “I am on the edge of a
breakdown. I need a holiday. Now.”
Peter looks at this man with silver wavy hair and beard and
replies, “No can do, man.”
“I am not a man, Peter. You know this, and I am asking for a
break. I am exhausted, and can't think straight. People are unhappy, always
complaining, asking without giving, and I can’t stand this anymore. It’s an
endless nightmare.”
“Sorry, God, but that's what you have signed for.” 
“I haven't signed for this at all! Nobody asked me if I
wanted this job, I was born into it. It is not fair, and I demand a break now!” 

In a universe where humans ignore what defines humanity and
mothers fail to love their offspring, there is a weary God watching over.
Children catapulted in the adulthood way too early. Unfit parents who blame them
for their broken lives. Dysfunctional families, abusive relationships,
siblings in distress, humans adrift. But also humorous stories with God, Peter
and Steve as protagonists. Nudism and communism. Tears and laughter.

Only for those who cherish emotions and real-life stories. 
Find it in both electronic and paperback copies only on Amazon.